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8 Fact Character thingy

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 26, 2016, 8:31 PM

I got tagged by Hawksfeathers97 and I have to do only Peanut Chew? Screw the rules I'm doing 2 characters |D

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters or however many people as you want c:
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars. 

Sky Explorers: Peanut Chew v6 by BattyniconiWeek 2: Research by Battyniconi  I'm gonna use these two; Peanut Chew and Artemis ovo


1. Peanut Chew suffers from an uncontrollable bloodlust that is actually destroying her body as she fights against it. She doesn't want to cure the problem however, she wants to control it. She feels that it would be a great advantage to make up for the missing arm, which shots her defenses and some of her strength. Even with those ears. 

    Artemis was of course named after the greek goddess Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron: "Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals" and her whole lore is loosely based around said goddess, namely the symbols; the bow, arrows, stag, hunting dog, and the moon. Her final design would be something similar to a gryphon (without the lion tail). 

2. Even though Peanut Chew has a birth defect which caused her left arm to not fully develop past the elbow, she is able to do most tasks with little difficulty and wants to be an example for the physically disabled who think they won't make it in life. 

    Now that I think about it, Artemis is well suited for motherly role even though one; she's 6 months and two; she can't see herself being an actual mother. But she did have to grow up sooner than everyone cause of her abandonment as an egg and taking upon herself to raise two eggs that survived a fall off a waterfall. 

3. For some reason or another, both of these women are ticklish smack dab down their spine. However; Peanut Chew would probably try and break your hand if you so much as think of going there while Artemis chirps (it takes a while to get her to actually laugh. But by then, she'd already swat you away). 

4.  Peanut Chew is painfully emotional, but it's mostly directed at herself. She comes off as snarky and mean to everyone, but lost the ability to show care even though she does. 

     Artemis doesn't have pupils like some other wyngro mainly because she doesn't show much emotion. Most of it's through body language (which is almost as stale). She does have a sense of humor and if provoked, sass shows through.  

5. Peanut Chew has a sweet tooth towards cotton candy despite being mostly carnivorous. 

    Artemis sometimes makes accidental puns without even realizing it when she's in a good mood. 

6: The only one Peanut Chew strives to impress is her friend Jack because he has seen her at her worse and she is secretly madly in love with the guy and vice versa. What drives everyone insane is that neither realize this with each other and yet their interactions and closeness make you wanna scream "WILL YOU TWO ADMIT IT ALREADY SO THE SHIP CAN ACTUALLY SAIL!?" 

    Contrary to her admitting to just about everything; Artemis can't admit to her isolation problem, wanting someone to actually be around most of the time; whether it be friend or admiration. Hence why she really doesn't call anyone her friend. She is fearful that she would be clingy and a pester to those she's taking a liking to. (This include's Nestly's Dryft namely, knux33's Grog, and ticticai's Cameo).

7.  Those ears on Peanut Chew are lighter than you think and she can fly/glide with great power and grace. She has to adjust tho because of the balance throw-off with her missing arm. Also she hops like a kangaroo/Jerboa instead of walk like normal chiots. She finds it more 
convenient to her and she's like the wind at full speed. 

    Artemis has this fun ability that you would think only the air magic users would have; she can mimic any sound she hears perfectly. She kinda reminds you of the lyrebird. Look it up it's an amazing bird. 

8. Peanut Chew actually can't stand teenagers that act like lil kids. Especially if they won't stop talking/yelling. It irritates her to no end. Hence why she will not play babysitter. Unless they're legit 10. She'll probably be the one to leave the teenagers to their own devices. Whether they get hurt of not is not her problem. Yes, she's that cruel. Funny enough, she will protect and adore small children. 

    Despite being iffy on being touched, Artemis actually doesn't mind snuggling/using her as a heater/pillow/someone to lean on. It ties in with her isolation problem and she can admit to the calming sensation it is to feel someone's breathing/heartbeat/warmth against her own. Especially a fellow adult wyngro. She is big on meditation after all. 

//lays down :iconlazepoolplz:

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